"I'm happy to say that this is indeed one of those establishments 'not to be missed' no matter how far you may have to drive to get there. The books, almost universally in good condition, are quite nicely displayed. Ever subject is covered in great depth with labels and subheadings. The books are meticulously shelved and the titles represent a wide scope, from the more common (of which we saw few) to the more interesting (of which we saw many)... If there is anything else I can say to tempt you to visit this store I would certainly do so, but perhaps the best plug I can give this shop is that I walked out with several volumes, all quite reasonably priced, and had we additional time, I could have easily filled my trunk.
P.S. Don't miss some of the titles behind the locked glass cases."

—from The Used Book Lover's Guide to the Central States.
David Siegel. Book Hunter's Press, 1996.


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